How Disabled Bathrooms Can Help You

The law requires buildings to make provisions for the handicapped – these include toilets. Disabled bathrooms achieve several purposes:

· To assist the disabled while using the toilet

· To protect their privacy

· To make them comfortable

· To enable independence

· To give them a sense of dignity

Bathrooms for the handicapped are easily reached despite visual and mobility challenges. Doors are easily swung open and close, fixtures are adjustable, items are within reach, and the walls provide support. All the components of the bathroom are designed to make toilet use easier and more comfortable for the disabled. More importantly, these rooms are safer compared to regular bathrooms.

This kind of bathroom may be incorporated with a regular bathroom or separated from one. Although using a bathroom that is set aside from a normal bathroom can cause one to feel isolated, this is offset by plenty of benefits:

· You can navigate around the facility more easily

· You do not have to adjust to the room because the room is adjusted for you

· You have an entire room to people such as yourself

· You do not have to wait in a long line

· You are protected from able-bodied people who may take advantage of your condition

· You may have access to special items that are not available in a regular bathroom

These are some of the ways that you can be helped by disabled bathrooms. If you are not handicapped yourself, consider having these in your office or home. You will never know when having one will be handy.